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COVID: A catalyst for positive change?

November 10th 2020

Turbulent times call for new ways of thinking. As the effects of the pandemic began to bite, we, at Think Jam, made a decision to ban what we call “busy work”, saying goodbye to time-sucking processes, wasted energy and unnecessary meetings. It was, and has been, a revelation.  Granted, companies have always had to decideRead More…

The cost of not versioning, personalising your marketing comms?

October 20th 2020

Written by Oliver Klander, VP Sales ReMake. Let’s start with looking at marketing, the purpose, the goal … what is it a marketer does? Marketeers sole goal is to deliver engaging communication strategies to win the hearts and minds of consumers or indeed, the target audience for B2B. Marketing/Advertising isn’t the same as it was,Read More…

ReMake History

August 6th 2020

It began, as these things often do, over a bottle of wine. I was out with a client, Bettina Sherick at Fox. She was telling me about a problem she had with their digital assets. They were being created in huge numbers across multiple territories for multiple films, but there was no alignment. No uniformity.Read More…