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You asked. We answered.

What exactly does ReMake do?

In short, ReMake empowers teams to change their content’s text and imagery in 3 simple steps, whilst always retaining fonts, animation and style – no design experience needed.

Upload your content, make your changes, then either download, create secure and shareable links, or deploy directly to your desired media platforms.

We won’t bore you with more words – watch ReMake at work here.

Do I need knowledge of video editing software to use ReMake?

In a word, no – anyone can use ReMake. Simple. Period.

What video format does ReMake support?

ReMake accepts Adobe After Effects files and exports to mp4, whilst providing you with the option to share directly to your social channels. Nifty, right?

To find out more about getting your files ready for ReMake, click here.

What video dimensions does ReMake support?

ReMake supports all video dimensions – any size, any proportion, for all media platforms. Including:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube and Vimeo.
Digital out-of-home.

Does ReMake have a video length limit?

ReMake supports all video lengths – just bear in mind, the longer the video, the longer it takes to render.

Where can I use the content I created in ReMake?

Anywhere – providing you have the rights to the original source file, then you are the owner of all and any content you create in ReMake. More on commercial use and rights usage here.

Where is ReMake hosted?

ReMake is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a secure cloud services platform, using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).

Some information is best coming straight from the horse’s mouth – here’s what Amazon have to say about it:

“AWS offers end-to-end observability, security, and traffic management, whilst EKS provides a scalable and highly available control plane that runs across multiple availability zones to eliminate a single point of failure.”

More here.

How secure is ReMake?

As secure as it gets – ReMake is one, centralised, TLS-encrypted online hub that guarantees your content is always safe.

What can and can’t my team do in ReMake?

There are currently three types of ReMaker – all of which can be tailored to suit you and your team during our onboarding session.

ReMaker Pro – add, edit and delete teams, users, campaigns, originals and ReMakes.

ReMaker Admin – add, edit and delete campaigns, originals and ReMakes.

ReMaker – edit and delete ReMakes.

Is ReMake the right tool for my business or industry?

You bet. From a 300 person marketing org to a 5 person social team, ReMake can help – no matter the world you’re working in. Here’s just a few examples:

An agile tool for an ever-changing industry – localise, update your messaging and accommodate moving releases and events with ease.

Travel & Hospitality
A limitless tool for a global industry – tailor, localise and export consistent and captivating content for thousands of destinations.

An efficient tool for a fast-moving industry – update your price, logo or messaging and be ready for your campaign’s next phase in minutes.

Public Sector Services
A cost-effective tool for industries with a stretched budget – version your content and marketing collateral in-house; no experience needed, all agency costs avoided.

Professional Services
A creative tool for a professional industry – ensure informative content is always smart, and always engaging.

What’s coming next to ReMake?

We’re always looking at ways to advance our ReMake offering. Here’s what we’re currently working on:

Digital out-of-home deployment
CSV upload – one file, hundreds of instant Remakes
Animated GIF versioning
Live trend dashboard
Campaign analytics

ReMake’s only getting better. Watch this space.