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ReMake History

August 6th 2020

It began, as these things often do, over a bottle of wine. I was out with a client, Bettina Sherick at Fox. She was telling me about a problem she had with their digital assets. They were being created in huge numbers across multiple territories for multiple films, but there was no alignment. No uniformity. No brand control. Also, there was massive replication of effort, which was (of course) a huge waste of time and money.

I saw something. I took a week off work, moved into my mother-in-law’s house and wrote a business plan. I knew Think Jam could solve this problem. We’d centralize and harness all of the various parts of this process. Versioning, adapting, localization, approval, deployment. I flew to LA and presented my plan to Bettina.

For months, nothing happened. Then, one day, someone on Bettina’s team called. Dougal Strachan. He said ‘are you sitting down…. we’ve got a movie, and we want to try your plan. We start tomorrow’. It was a whirlwind six weeks, but we smashed it. So we did another. Before long, we were sitting around a table with Fox and agreeing to take on all their media. Other
entertainment companies followed. We worked on countless assets for thousands of films, products and franchises, for up to 70 countries at a time.

It played to our strengths: logistics, organisation, process. But also – and more importantly – it showed our creative precision. We’d effectively become brand guardians for some of the biggest movie franchises in the world. Our creative techniques had to be bulletproof, and as social media
and video took off, this became ever-more critical. As the workload increased we needed more people, and there was a point where we needed to build some tech in order to scale effectively and stay efficient. Something precise. Something smart.

ReMake is the result. A one-click platform which enables large-scale versioning. Multiple videos in multiple languages, for multiple audiences, all in an instant. Not just an invention, but a working solution which has helped us deliver campaigns for some of the biggest movies in the world. It incorporates 15 years of learning about workflow, local nuance and the needs of clients. Our experience has made it smart! And as the landscape of the industry changes before our eyes – even more than usual – the value of ReMake is becoming ever-more apparent.

What are we seeing at the moment? More in-housing. More creators. More content. Everything needed yesterday. As our clients spend more time and money crafting standout creative, the need for a versioning platform has never been greater. ReMake fulfils this with brutal simplicity and beautiful efficiency. It’s transparent and agnostic, integrating seamlessly into any workflow. But it doesn’t just speed things up. It protects the work. Ensures consistency. Hands back control.

Fox may no longer be around, but the strong relationship it had with Think Jam has an amazing legacy. It’s called ReMake, and I’m thrilled that it’s entering a new chapter. We built it to make our lives easier. It’s been the bedrock of our success. And now it can be yours, too.

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